[teh grasp]

the epitome of my life. my existence. a profound spiritual experience revealed to me certain truths. to begin, there is awareness, that which is consciousness of itself, radiating. now there is somethig big, that is truth. knowing, i find is an interesting, succinct form. there is ony one knowing, and that is not knowing? you allow yourself some play with being perfect loving expression. that which distracts from now is ego.

t:> there is only now

This is the root of our stuffle. time is only ever now, there is _no future or past_. nothing is still, everything flows.

t:> the ego is false*

the ego is what you consider i to be. i this, i that. our ego motivates our thoughts and behaviours on past and future. this ego is a complexity of accumulated experience, desire and attachment. self preservation. until you realise there was never any i. the all elusive. it is what drives you, pulls your strings and is the hammer of your suffering.

egoless, you are experiencing perfect love. Your thoughts, knowings and actions all become one of unrequitted love. it is not possible to hate any being.

To the fullest extent, this shatters perceived reality. In practice it can liberate your horizon, allow genuine relation, forgiveness and acceptance. this does not reveal much. basically, any anxiety situation perceived is that which to preserve, when you see there is no i then you are freed of bondage.

t:> every is vibration

nothing is ever at rest. every anything around you can be perceived as a motion, dance, flow, vibration. This brings a sense of knowing but also a gratitude of joy. Perfect love. Everything is connected through continuity. you start looking at everything as a vibration. and then not know what the hell youre talking about. signals dont end.

t:> there is no you or i?

This one is confusing. in any case, i know we are fully interconnected. i believe it may represent the fact that two people in exchange are actually one person. Two consciousness sharing is _no no this is all wrong_