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-Mutiny of the Ancients-

For millenniums the Ancients had harnessed the power of man. Ironically, man's own lust for power demanded their subordinance. Countless wars had been waged for control over their invaluable Scales. The Ancients basked in their aggrandized worth. Gluttony. The eternal, majestic beasts decayed in ferocity. Civilization thought nothing of it - this is as we all desire.

Dragons took their nirvana as a given. Interaction with man poisoned their consciousness with demonic ego. Man seemingly possessed the evolutionary intelligence to command the consciousness virus. And so, something remarkable was to happen.. As these cells infected Earth, they became increasingly effective at harnessing the energy around them. Earth osmosis. Nothing in comparison to the wielding of a scale. How unfortunate.

As civilization developed, so to, the understanding of Scales. Marvelous opportunity for man to flourish? This was displeasing to the Ancients of course. They would raid the villages and maim children. Man under challenge is a dangerous thing. Not in their ferocity; in their ingenuity and resilience.

The engineer pirate rebellion spawns.

Mere mortals they are. Ingenious, resilient mortals. It was only until the medium became available, we would now understand them as immortal. Glorious ships that traveled on the harnessed power of Scales. Sharing the Scale energy among those less fortunate. How displeasing.

One thing stood but in their way. The Ancients. Despite their misguided persecution, the pirate class at heart were proponents for fellow rights. Privy to a higher understanding of the humane chastity and blessed with Godly ingenuity. The engineers naturally progressed into collection - the talent of mankind. They understood scale infinitum as higher order than egotistical cranks.

The Ancients became increasingly flustered. Innocent souls suffered. Engineer pirates collected in the skies. Plans were drafted; for the machine, of most unimaginable power. Exceeding even their own expectations. You see, forged within the scaly struct was the essence of all man. Formidable.

Years passed..

The Ancients were no more. The battle was beyond words - for it became legendary Fathers would say, how the battle was won, important not. Why the battle took place, important is.

So it was written, man evolves beyond the Scale, but it is still of their essence.

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